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The City Manager is appointed by the City Council to serve as the City's chief executive officer. The City Manager recommends policy actions and implements City Council policy direction and decisions through various City Departments. The City Manager is also responsible for providing overall project supervision, promoting economic stability through business development and retention, and promoting organizational stability through financial and human resources management.

Gloria Molleda was selected as the City Manager of Rosemead in January of 2018. With her 19 years of local government experience, Gloria oversees the management and operations of Rosemead’s Departments and Services, as well as all citywide projects. As City Manager, Gloria reports to the City Council with responsibilities of providing professional background and recommendations for the Council’s decision making and implement City Council’s policy direction. Gloria has a strong background in managing daily activities, directing operations and staff to achieve the City’s and City Council’s aspirations, short-term indicators and long-term goals and objectives. She is also skilled in creating operational plans to identify strategic goals and objective for each city department, and rationalize its operational budget requests.

Prior to her appointment, Gloria served as Chief City Clerk for the City of San Gabriel where she was appointed as the City’s first department head for the City Clerk's Department. While serving in San Gabriel, Gloria took on more responsibilities in addition to her essential daily duties as City Clerk. She accomplished this by engaging in many community outreach activities such as PATH (“Progress and Accomplishments Through History” program), Youth in Government program (collaborative partnership with Gabrielino High School, offering participatory and shadow opportunities for 11th and 12th grade students to learn about the local government and created a Voter Outreach program. Furthermore, Gloria took pride in involving herself with special projects such as televising and live streaming of City Council meetings, implementing an interactive public document retrieval system, creating an Operational Plan to identify strategic goals and objectives for the department to uphold its annual operating budget, and created a Succession Plan in efforts to identify and develop internal staff with the potential to fill key leadership positions for the City. During her tenure, she administered the 2017 Municipal Election and served as the Acting Public Information Officer. Through her dedication and commitment, Gloria was presented with the City Clerk Association of California Award of Distinction for Organization, Administration and Communication.

Before joining San Gabriel, she was also the City Clerk/Director of Communications for the City of Rosemead. During her 8 years, she managed the City Clerk’s Office and administered four elections for the City with approximately 19,000 registered voters; ensured compliance of the Voters Rights Act and California Election Code. She also implemented an electronic filing system utilizing Laser Fiche to increase public access to City documents and ensure government transparency. Along with her many commissions, she initiated the implementation of the Granicus system, including live streaming of public meetings, electronic vote software, and assisted with the troubleshooting of the system. As Director of Communications, Gloria managed the City’s website and centralized the editing and access to eliminate duplications, errors, and ensure focus on one vision and message, and operated all social media outlets including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. Gloria has also worked for the cities of Vernon and Alhambra.

Gloria received her Bachelor in Science from Woodbury University in Business Management, achieved certifications in Master Municipal Clerk (MMC), Certified Municipal Clerk (CMC), Notary Public, and a graduate of the California Association of Public Information Officials.

Gloria stated “It’s a great feeling working for the City of Rosemead. Rosemead gave me my first opportunity as a department head by being their City Clerk. They’ve now given me a great opportunity by putting their trust in me to be their City Manager. I’m looking forward to giving back to the community. I want to work really hard on our residents’ needs!” Family is an important aspect of Gloria’s life and she takes pride in her son Bobby, who is currently attending college and is pursuing a career in law enforcement. During her free time, she enjoys running and spending time with her family.

If you would like to meet Gloria Molleda to discuss City topics, please feel free to contact the City Manager’s office to schedule a meeting by calling (626)569-2100 or emailing

The City's on-going public information efforts to enhance communications between the City and the community is managed through the City Manager's Office. Other efforts include legislative support, marketing support for City departments, oversee community outreach efforts, serve as the City's liaison with the news media, manage the content of the City's website, and administer the film permit process also fall under this function.

As part of the City's communications program, the City publishes the Parks and Recreation class brochure and press releases. These materials are designed to keep the community apprised of programs and services the City offers.

Gloria Molleda 
City Manager

Ben Kim
Assistant City Manager


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